We welcome ANZEL to the FreeDMR Family

It was only two weeks ago we announced that we’re taking the live Sunday evening VK2WI news from Dural via the ANZEL (Australian & New Zealand EchoLink) Network to our ASL Dial-A-Node Talkgroup - well sorry folks, that’s changed - for the better!! We now have a permanent 24x7 bridge between FreeDMR and the ANZEL Network which can now be found on Talkgroup 50556.

You can now access the huge variety of nets carried, moderated and monitored by the amazing team at the Australian & New Zealand EchoLink (ANZEL) Network made up of EchoLink conference servers *HAM*, *AOTEAROA*, *WALES*, *MEGANETS*, and *SWDG*.

Some nets of note on ANZEL include daily (or near daily):

  • Puget Sound Repeat Group (UTC 0400, 0700 & 1600, yes three daily!)
  • Professional Loafers Net (UTC 1300)
  • Alaska Morning Net (UTC 1700)
  • Boredom Breakers (UTC 1800)
  • Morning Tea Net (UTC 2300)

along with a great range of weekly nets including:

  • Upper Peninsula Net (UTC 0100 Monday)
  • Youth on the Air Oceania Net (UTC 0700 Monday)
  • Canada Net (UTC 1700 Monday)
  • Raspberry Pi Net (UTC 2200 Monday)
  • Caribbean Net (UTC 2300 Tuesday)
  • YL Operators Net (UTC 0000 Friday)
  • Technet Flying Pigs Net (UTC 0000 Saturday)
  • SCARS Ragchew with K2HA (UTC 2300 Sat/Sun)

As a result the previous VK2WI live news will move to the new ANZEL Talkgroup as of Sunday 04th June, please update your codeplugs or use Dial-A-TG. There’ll be more updates to come on our news schedule as ANZEL already carries several of our news bulletins live with callbacks, so stay tuned for more.

A huge thank you goes to John VK3HJQ and the entire crew at ANZEL for such a solid, well scheduled and managed conference bridge allowing us to open up a world of technical, topical and social nets to FreeDMR!